5 Ways to Overcome Nervous when Speech

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5 Ways to Overcome Nervous when Speech

5 Ways to Overcome Nervous when Speech

How often do you feel nervous when you give a speech (in public) or when you have to appear in public, whether for presentations or simply to express opinions on a forum?

Although this is considered reasonable, nervousness is sometimes a difficult condition to avoid. There is no doubt that anxiety prevents some people from speaking in public because they can not control their emotions.

As a result, all materials prepared for distribution to the public immediately dispersed solely because of nervousness when speaking in public.

Well, for your performance to not diminish, here's how to overcome excessive nervousness when speaking in public.

1. No need to target perfection

One way to reduce anxiety when speaking in public is to not fix perfection in a presentation.

There is no perfect human in this world. But when we are in public, we often suggest to the mind not to make the slightest mistake.

Instead, it will make us tense and nervous and in the end we will break the spirit and all the preparations. To do this, build your self-confidence and motivation to stay calm in public.

2. Do not equate speech skills with professional skills

It remains to be yourself even when you speak in public. No need to pretend that you speak well. This way, you will feel relaxed and protected from the pressure, so that you will fully enjoy the public speaking time.

In addition, it is not necessary to compare the ability to speak with your expertise in other areas to avoid growing anxiety.

3. Overcoming nervousness by turning nerves into positive energy

Lack of self confidence usually leads to anxiety and easy worry can not speak well in public. When nervous, the adrenaline hormone immediately peaks. The hormone adrenaline causes an increase in blood sugar and is used by the body as energy.

Successful speakers know how to make that energy work - by creating enthusiasm and increasing self-confidence. Make the energy work positively.

4. Avoid memorizing every word

Unless you read the oath of allegiance or the wedding vows, you do not need to memorize every word of speech to reduce nervousness. Forcing yourself to do this will increase stress and cause greater anxiety. Especially if the sequence of words you are trying to memorize is badly traced, all stored phrases will be immediately broken.

Just keep in mind the important points about what will be passed on to the public. This way, it will make it easier for you to communicate ideas easily while giving the impression that you have mastered the subject.

5. Avoid reading word for word

Avoid reading every word of the presentation or text of the manuscript. There is a big difference between reading and speaking in public.

When you read every word in public, the audience will quickly become bored. The public will not be interested in what is transmitted even if the material is good and this can add nervousness during the presentation.

Conversely, when we speak, the audience is more enthusiastic and the message to be conveyed will be anchored in the audience's mind.

Some of the factors above can help you overcome nervousness when speaking in public or in a speech. If you are frightened by this anxiety, it will control your mind and may make you lose direction. Relax, pray and keep fighting, yes!
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