7 tips to save cell phone batteries in case of power failure

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7 tips to save cell phone batteries in case of power failure

7 tips to save cell phone batteries in case of power failure

Power outages by PLN Sunday (4/8) undeniably affect the activities of the community. There are not just a few smart device users, especially cell phones that have to turn the brain to save battery power.

In addition to being able to rely on the power bank, smartphone users can also count on the following seven tips to save battery reported by various sources.

Enable low power mode

Smartphone users can activate the "low power" mode, so that the power used can be more efficient. This mode reduces the working capacity of the processor.

IPhone users can activate the "night" function by browsing the settings> display and brightness> night. Users can set the night mode schedule or activate it directly and choose the brightness level of the screen.

While Android users can browse settings> View> Select Blue Light Filter> Night Mode. Like the iPhone, Android users can also schedule night mode features to record screen performance.

Reduce the brightness level of the screen

The higher the brightness of the screen, the more power and battery are used. Smartphone users can automatically reduce the brightness of the screen while having an impact on battery usage.

To work around the problem, be sure to use a low brightness level of the screen. Except under certain conditions, such as when you are outdoors, you need high brightness.

Reduce closing / opening applications

Many hypotheses mention that closing the application when it is used can save battery life. In fact, it makes the battery even more useless.

As a solution, when you open an application, you must leave it alone and do not close it to avoid the habit of opening / closing applications multiple times.

Activate vibrate mode as needed

The unintentional vibration mode turns out to drain the battery compared to the sound mode. Because the vibrations on the cell phone work by moving the motor so that it consumes more energy.

If in less important conditions, you must disable the vibrate mode and change it to sound mode. Make sure that the vibration function has also been disabled for a number of functions, such as when you tap or touch the screen.

The location function is indeed useful for improving GPS accuracy, even if it can actually drain the battery. Make sure this feature is enabled only when necessary. Remember that GPS will continue to send data over the network to find a suitable location.

Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

Make sure these two wireless features are enabled only when they are used. If Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are left active when not in use, they will continue to search for networks to stay connected.

Automatic screen lock time

Activating the screen permanently without being used can certainly speed up the use of the cell phone's battery. To resolve this problem, make sure to enable the automatic screen lock with a shorter duration.

If you have activated the duration of one minute, consider locking the screen automatically for 15 or 30 seconds.
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