Development of electric cars, Nissan Indonesia partner of Mitsubishi

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Development of electric cars, Nissan Indonesia partner of Mitsubishi

Development of electric cars, Nissan Indonesia partner of Mitsubishi

The directors of Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) on Tuesday visited the office of the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) (6 out of 8). During his visit, NMI announced that it would develop an electric car in the country.

The general director of the metals, transport equipment and electronics industry (Ilmate) Harjanto has relayed this information to the journalists of the Ministry of Industry in Jakarta.

Harjanto said NMI plans to use the Mitsubishi plant's facilities to produce Leaf and e-Power electric cars.

"Enter new products and want to work with Mitsubishi to manufacture Leaf and e-Power electric cars in Indonesia," said Harjanto.

Harjanto did not provide any other information, including about the realization of the Nissan-Mitsubishi plan.

In Indonesia, Nissan's production facilities are located in the Purwakarta region of West Java. At present, the facility produces only Datsun's low-cost green car model (LCGC). NMI will also produce Xpander engines from 2020.

Livina is the only Nissan car produced in the country, but the assembly line uses Mitsubishi's production facilities.

While the sheet is a Nissan electric car that has been marketed around the world. A number of countries have started the arrival of this car, including Australia. Leaf is supposed to be Nissan's best-selling electric car officially released since 2010.

E-Power is a Nissan electric car sold in Japan since 2016. There are several variants, including the NISMO Note e-Power and the NISMO S. e-Power Note.

Earlier, according to rumors, Nissan Indonesia is in the process of changing its activity as a brand agent (APM) into an importer. These rumors came after Nissan sales in Indonesia declined year after year.

Worldwide, Nissan has laid off 12,500 employees. While this was happening in Indonesia and involved hundreds of workers who were "fired".

NMI president and director Isao Sekiguchi could not escape when the reporters asked him to answer.

"As CEO Hiroto Saikawa said, as part of our efforts to improve operations and investment efficiency," said Sekiguchi at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2019, ICE BSD, Tangerang, Friday (26/7).
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