Note it! Important days for the price of bitcoin

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Note it! Important days for the price of bitcoin

Note it! Important days for the price of bitcoin

Investors, traders or financial analysts, be it Bitcoin, crypto or traditional financial markets, have performed due diligence, such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis, before and during the stance taken. , to minimize risk and maximize rewards (price).

As part of this analysis, analysts also often look for important dates that could be canceled by the news or an event that could affect the price of the assets that interest them. Here are the most important dates and events for the remainder of 2019 that could affect the price of Bitcoin.

Some events may trigger a FOMO bullish purchase or bearish panic selling, depending on the severity of the information and the impact that news may have on a broader global financial environment, such as the recent Fed rate cut. which led the stock market to fall and investors who chose to shelter in safe haven assets, such as gold and Bitcoin, have therefore rallied together.

An important date was yesterday, August 22, when the New York Attorney General's decision against Bitfinex will expire and leave Bitcoin enough to attract the attention of the transaction.

At the time of the press, the price of bitcoin had reached 145 million rupees, up 0.9% in 24 hours, according to Indodax.

And according to the CryptoVanessa Twitter account, the next important dates for Bitcoin are:

September 23: Bakkt will be officially launched.
October 13: The SEC makes a final decision on the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF.
October 18: The SEC establishes rules as to whether the VanEck / SolidX ETF will be adopted or not.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Bakkt. The Bitcoin Futures Trading Platform will be launched on September 23rd. This date also coincides with the Gann axis, which generally suggests a change in trend of the main price movements.

The month of October is rich in exciting moments that can create a bullish feeling in the markets around Bitcoin. Throughout 2018, potential approvals for the Bitcoin ETF helped keep hopes alive and continue to buy. Whenever a proposal is rejected, the price of Bitcoin, regardless of the rally achieved, is also.

Two more ETF decisions will be taken in October. October 13 is the deadline for the SEC to make decisions on Bitwise ETF applications. On 18 October, the SEC will vote on the VanEck / Solid X proposal for the ETF, which most analysts say has the greatest chance of success because of its links with CBOE. .

Finally, in October, a final rehabilitation plan for the Mt.Gox case is expected. The first investors in Bitcoin will soon learn the fate of their property and whether they are required to accept the loss of some of their investments in the most famous case of hacking in the cryptography market.

The last part of 2019 does not miss important moments for Bitcoin and crypto, but 2020 will have the most important event of all, Halve Bitcoin!

Halve the number of Bitcoins - the precoded time that resulted in the reward received by BTC miners to validate the halving of the network, which will take place around May 2020.

This half-reduced bitcoin will unbalance supply and demand, causing price hikes. The most respected industry analyst estimates that halving the value of Bitcoin will increase dramatically, potentially reaching the $ 55,000 level by BTC in May 2020. We'll see.
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