The price of Bitcoin Re-Touch IDR 141 million, can it survive?

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The price of Bitcoin Re-Touch IDR 141 million, can it survive?

The price of Bitcoin Re-Touch IDR 141 million, can it survive?

Bitcoin and the crypto-pharmacy market as a whole suddenly experienced strong buying pressures and recovered USD 10,000 or IDR 140 million after being traded sideways over the past two weeks for IDR 135 million.

Analysts now find that this recent volatile trend means that the price of BTC at Rp140 million can change the sentiment of the market by making it negative, which ends up becoming a downward trend (downward).

At the time of the press, the price of bitcoin was $ 10,009, or 141 million rupees, an increase of 3.4% in 24 hours, according to CoinGecko.

This price increase came after a period of pressure on sales that began in late June when Bitcoin did not exceed $ 13,800 or $ 199 million. This failure reduced the price of bitcoin to 160 million rupees and stagnated at 133 million rupees to 138 million rupees.

Analais has now noted that this recent price spike has added technical power to the cryptocurrency, but they also warned that there may be a small pullback before Bitcoin stabilizes its position in the $ 10,000 price. .

$ BTC Update: I'm still optimistic, but it makes sense to publish some here and wait for the closing of the day at $ 10,300. Otherwise, I will still close the trade. Negotiating when feelings change from one extreme to another is my preferred way of negotiating.

Although market sentiment was generally quite bearish before this decision, with many analysts predicting an increase to $ 8,800, they now note that the new rise after a rise in bitcoin above $ 10,000 could be a trap.

Dave The Wave said on Twitter:

With a longer tendency in thought, the test to see the above range should be read as "bait and switches". People have a bullish feeling (the rebirth of FOMO) and then ... predictable. This psychology is one of anxiety.

It should be noted that some analysts use NVT techniques and see Bitcoin down.

Many analysts have used NVT ratios in their trading strategies with great success. MagicPoopCannon, the eccentric and frank editor of TradingView, has repeatedly cited NVT as an important indicator that it uses for action on Bitcoin pricing and goal setting.

At present, MagicPoopCannon expects a further decline of Bitcoin in the future based on the NVT indicator. However, the creator of this indicator remains bullish.

Signal creator, Willy Woo, said the "first step" of the Bitcoin Bulls rate laid the foundation for the bulls' rise. This shows that, even if the creator of the NVT signal waits for a pullback, it does not place extra confidence in the report's ability to stop the maximum and minimum values.

However, the Peak and Bottom will not last forever, until enough time has elapsed, it is difficult to say with certainty that the Bottom has been established. The Bears market in 2018 is a perfect example. Most analysts therefore expected USD 6,000 in support to survive, but it turned out that support had been broken enough.

For the moment, there is still no provision on the direction that Bitcoin will take. However, the price of bitcoin could still reach its peak as bitcoin halves in 2020.
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