Tips for maintaining the health of your heart even if you work 'Rodi' a week

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Tips for maintaining the health of your heart even if you work 'Rodi' a week

Tips for maintaining the health of your heart even if you work 'Rodi' a week

Everyone realizes that to maintain a healthy body, you have to eat nutritious foods, exercise diligently and get enough rest. But the dense activity and the busy work make it difficult to forget even a healthy life.

Unwittingly, monotonous activities at work, such as sitting too long, being lazy to move, indiscriminate snacks, stress, often getting angry, can affect heart health. Can you maintain a healthy heart even if you are busy with work routines?

Here are five ways to keep your heart healthy.

1. move

Stay active while working. This physical activity can be started when entering the office, for example, looking for remote parking to be able to walk more often, choose to climb the stairs rather than take the elevator or walk to buy food.

"To maintain heart health at work, try to move as much as possible every day, for example, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator," said the cardiologist and blood vessel specialist at "Heart at Work" at CNN Indonesia, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/31)).

If you sit too long, try to move and stretch as often as possible between work hours. Physical activity such as moving can reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Eat healthy foods

How to maintain the health of your heart even if you work busy Avoid fried foods and fast foods, replace them with nuts, vegetables and fruits for a healthier body and heart.

Refrain from eating unhealthy foods such as fried foods. Fried foods can increase cholesterol levels, which can clog arteries and cause coronary heart disease. Eat nutritionally balanced foods that are highly nutritious and low in sugar, fat and salt. May include vegetables, fruits and protein foods.

3. Controlling emotions and managing stress

At work, learn to manage stress and avoid excessive emotions. Stress and high emotions can increase blood pressure or systolic blood pressure, which can trigger heart disease. "People who are more emotional, tend to be more strained, stress is also a higher risk," said Vito.

4. Avoid cigarettes

How to maintain the health of your heart despite the fact that smokers are busy Smokers can damage the artery walls and cause plaque buildup that blocks blood flow along the arteries. The reduction of arteries is likely to cause chest pain and even a heart attack.

If it is too late to work, do not leave the office and breathe air and smoke. Look for fun and useful alternative activities, such as playing games. Smoking is one of the risk factors for premature death caused by heart damage and clogged arteries.

5. sports

Vito also suggested doing some exercise after work. The exercise can be done by simply running to the office or playing futsal after hours with colleagues. The American Heart Association recommends exercising for at least 30 minutes each day to strengthen muscles and prevent heart disease.
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