How to secure your Twitter account to be hacked

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How to secure your Twitter account to be hacked

How to secure your Twitter account to be hacked

Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked last Saturday (8/31). The personal account of the CEO and founder of Twitter has been hacked, letting out a rude message.

Dorsey, the owner of the @jack account, suddenly distorted the racist remarks and declared the existence of a bomb. The tweet was downloaded by the hacker at 20:00. British time then deleted.

Hacking social media accounts can be done with SIM Card Swap, a hacking practice of convincing employees of lay operators to change phone numbers on their own devices. It is thought that this is experienced by Dorsey.

In order not to become a victim of hacking, here's how to secure your Twitter account from the ignorant hands of hackers:

Enable two-step authentication

Two-way authentication can be a solution to prevent hacking by irresponsible parties. Although it is still possible to be hacked, this method remains a pillar to prevent piracy.

Use the Google Authenticator app

This application will provide a number of codes appearing on mobile phones registered in social media accounts. This method is considered difficult for hackers who want to access an account because the authors need a code sent to the registered mobile number.

Buy physical security tokens

A physical security token is a small device that can generate a security code. This token can be obtained online from hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Use Google Voice

Google Voice can be used to replace the authentication code sent by SMS via a mobile device. This option can be used to replace personal numbers that are often used when enabling two-step authentication.

While this is not the most perfect solution, as there is still a possibility of hacking, cyber security journalist Brian Curbs said that this method was more effective in preventing hacking. For now, Google Voice is not yet available in Indonesia because it can only be used in the United States.
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