Recognize signs of nerve damage

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Recognize signs of nerve damage

Recognize signs of nerve damage

The organs will not work properly if the nervous system is damaged. When the nervous system is damaged, the transmission of brain impulses - as the central nervous system - to all parts of the body will be hampered.

This disorder is known as peripheral neuropathy, also called peripheral nerve injury. Various causes can be the cause, such as injuries, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, strokes or side effects of drugs.

Some symptoms usually appear early in nerve damage and can have an impact on permanent risks - such as paralysis - if they are not treated quickly.

Start HealthLine, here are some symptoms of peripheral nerve damage.

1. tingling

Many people underestimate the tingling. In fact, tingling may be one of the signs of peripheral nerve damage. These symptoms will appear when a person feels tingling around the hands and feet, especially at the fingertips.

Naturally, if tingling occurs temporarily. However, if these symptoms are repeated and last a long time, you should consult the medical authorities.

2. Pain and rheumatic pain

Burns or tingling usually spread from the back to the legs. This will make the pelvis feel painful. In this condition, it means that the sciatic nerve - the nerve that extends from the spinal cord to the pelvis - is under pressure, that is, damaged.

3. Difficulty moving

Nerve damage can inhibit blood circulation, the edges of which make the body stiff and difficult to move. The nerve damage that occurs in this motor nerve can cause paralysis. These symptoms indicate if serious problems need to be resolved.

4. The brain response slows down

Nerve damage can also impact brain slowing in response to various things. This is caused by sensory nerves that do not work properly.

For example, you will not notice that your hand is injured as a result of burns. In this case, the sensory nerves are "silent" and do not inform the brain about the condition of the injured hand. The silence of the sensory nerves indicates damage to the nervous system.

5. Headache

Headaches that occur only once are still quite reasonable. But, do not underestimate the headaches that are repeated and last a long time. The reason, the headaches for a long time can be caused by pinched nerves in the neck.
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