Sell ​​What is Bitcoin Hodl when the cryptocurrency market is broken?

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Sell ​​What is Bitcoin Hodl when the cryptocurrency market is broken?

Sell ​​What is Bitcoin Hodl when the cryptocurrency market is broken?

Two days have passed, the cryptocurrency market is more and more destroyed. The price of Bitcoin at the time of the press was 63 947 000 rupees according to the exchange of cryptocurrency Indodax. Last year, the price of bitcoin was 200 million rupees in December, will this happen again this year? Nobody knows this answer.

The market for cryptocurrencies or destroyed stocks is not new.

If you have joined the world of cryptography long enough, the market is destroyed is not new. The cryptocurrency market experienced a similar drop a few years ago and many people say that bitcoin will "burst" or break. However, so far, Bitcoin has remained strong.

At present, the crypto market is in the "anger" section. After everyone panicked about selling, they had lost a lot by not selling their crypto in time. You can see it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Coin360 reported that all crypto-currencies were in red and the graphs showed that they were in the "oversold" area based on Relative Technical Strength Index (RSI).

The price increase was certain because the daily RSI was 8.5.

This figure has never happened in Bitcoin history. It also means that Bullrun will be more drastic. Like last year, BTC has been overbought and many people have sold it.

Many investors announce the sale of BTC at a price of 6 000 USD, estimating that it will not fall. However, the price of the BTC fell below $ 6,000 and they sold with panic. This thought is highly contagious and has a snowball effect where the initial state is small and self-reliant, becomes larger and can also cause disaster.
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