The difference between chemical castration and vasectomy

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The difference between chemical castration and vasectomy

The difference between chemical castration and vasectomy

The rapists of nine children in Mojokerto were sentenced to castration, 12 years in prison and a fine of 100 million rupees in six months in prison.

Chemical castration is an action to reduce a person's sexual desire and libido.

In addition to chemical castration, there are also sex-related methods in humans, such as vasectomy and hormone injections. These three methods have differences in the way and the results obtained.

Chemical castration is a practice aimed at suppressing sexual desire, so that the person is no longer interested in sex. This action is usually carried out as a punishment for certain violations, including sexual abuse.

The method used in chemical castration involves injecting drugs in the form of chemical compounds into the body. This medicine works to reduce testosterone and estradiol, the sex hormones in humans.

The effect of this drug is able to control sexual arousal. Once injected, the effect of this drug can last from three to five years.

Unlike chemical castration, vasectomy is also used to "control the hormones" of men. But if chemical castration is done as a punishment, the vasectomy is done with full knowledge of the facts and usually at the request of the person.

Vasectomy is a method of contraception that consists of cutting the vas deferens (sperm canal). This method is classified as minor surgery. Urology Health, this method can prevent sperm from reaching the ejaculated penis.

Because of its contraceptive function, vasectomy is used to prevent pregnancy.

It is the most effective contraceptive or birth control method compared to other contraceptives. Research shows that only 1 to 2 in every 1,000 women who become pregnant after one year of sex with a vasectomy partner.

Unlike chemical castration, vasectomy does not control the sexual desires of Adam. That is to say that if someone is chemically castrated, he will no longer have the desire to make love. But when he had a vasectomy, he still had a sexual desire, only he could not impregnate his partner because the sperm channel was "blocked".
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